The National Park System contributes approximately $30 billion dollars annually to the U.S. economy, supports almost 300,000 jobs, and absorbs almost 15 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, which itself has an estimated economic value of almost $600 million. The parks are also home to hundreds of threatened and endangered species and vulnerable habitats, and support many conservation efforts and research projects. However, despite the clear economic and environmental value of the National Park System, its very existence is threatened by the Trump administration!

Please speak up and make your voice heard to help save our environment and wildlife for present and future generations to come..

Action Items

Tell Congress to Vote NO on H.R. 3990

H.R. 3990 would allow the president to shrink existing national monuments without consulting Congress.

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Tell Congress to Vote NO on S. 1863

S. 1863 would strip federal Endangered Species Act protections for animals and plants found in only one state.

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Tell Congress to SUPPORT H.R. 3768

H.R. 3768 would restore the path for our national parks to ditch single-use, non-biodegradable menaces that continually show up in our forests and water bodies.

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